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In the last few years Leamington Spa in Warwickshire has undergone somewhat of a food revolution with many new restaurants, cafes and other food businesses opening within the town. One of the latest businesses to set up shop in Leamington Spa is The Meat Room, a modern butchery with traditional values and using traditional butchery techniques. Having only been open for 6 months, it is already gathering quite a following with many regular customers, including myself, as well as various restaurant and school contracts.

Terry Dyer, Co-owner of The Meat Room, has great knowledge of how meat should be kept, cut and handled due in no small part to the fact he has the meat industry in his heritage as his Grandfather owned an abattoir in Tetbury. Working in many areas of the meat industry and for some big names including, at age 18, working for The Fresh Meat Company, he has many years of knowledge and experience. Having been in sales of meat for some time, at the age of 40 Terry opened up a butchers shop in Warwick. After many successful years there and due to personal circumstances Terry decided it was time to move on and sold the business to Jamie Rowley who continues to trade from Warwick and is a partner in The Meat Room.

Now having opened The Meat Room, on Warwick Street, Terry is looking to make his mark on Leamington Spa with his old meets new butchery, traditional techniques with a modern shop and customer experience. The meat is all bought in carcass form and broken down from there within the shop in Leamington. Terry tells me he buys his meat this way so he can check the quality of the animal. All the fresh meat in The Meat Room is British, traceable and gluten free including the sausages. The pork coming from Packington Free Range, Poultry from Adlington who are based at Balsall Common and Lamb from across Warwickshire and the Cotswolds which is even hung if necessary as the older animals start to be used further on in the year. The beef at The Meat Room comes from a few carefully selected farms using traditional home breeds, it is grass-fed and dry aged for 28-45 days; this is what makes the difference, letting the beef dry age for that long allows the meat to tenderise and the flavour to develop. Most other butcheries and supermarkets only age their beef for 21 days and some will even wet age their beef to keep the weight up and maximise profits as weight is lost through the dry ageing process. At the shop you can see the beef ageing in the purpose built glass fridge, but if you would prefer your beef less aged then Terry is more than happy to accommodate you. Game will also be available at The Meat Room when in season, coming from the Wroxall Abbey estate and the venison is from Highland Game. Terry also stocks other quality products in the shop such as fresh artisan bread, pies, sauces and much more.

As well as offering great every day prices, The Meat Room currently also offers two discount cards, one for students (must have NUS Extra card) and one for seniors (over 60) both cards entitle you to an extra 10% off your purchase. If you don’t qualify for the cards there is The Meat Room app you can download from the app store. Every time you spend £10.00 or more at the shop you scan your app and when you have done this 8 times you receive a free Adlington’s Label Anglais chicken. In the future Terry plans on using the app to its full potential and deals and offers will be available through the app. If you can’t get to Leamington Spa or it is a little far, The Meat Room has an online shop that will deliver and also offers click and collect.

I think The Meat Room is well worth a visit, Terry truly cares about the quality of the meat he sells and I have never had a bad piece of meat from there. The steak is the best I have ever eaten and this is all down to the time and care taken by Terry and his team. This is not a sponsored post,  just a happy customer.

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