Brilliant black pudding!



When I took my weekly trip to The Meat Room on Saturday, I was pleased to find Terry had something new for me to try, some black pudding. Now I’m sure you’re thinking black pudding is black pudding; well it turns out it’s not! The Fruit Pig Company make an award winning fresh blood black pudding and it is like no black pudding I have had before; just the right amount of fat, oats, barley and then seasoned to perfection, but it’s the use of fresh blood that makes the biggest difference! Most black pudding sold in the UK is made using imported, dried blood powder whereas The Fruit Pig Company only uses fresh British pig’s blood and British ingredients, the difference speaks for itself. I also tried their white pudding which was also outstanding, I look forward to trying more of their products.

The Fruit Pig Company has quite a following with famous names such as Tom Aikens, Tom Kerridge, Jamie Oliver and Jimmy’s Farm to name a few who use their products.

If you would like to try their black or white pudding (and I think you should!) it is available at The Meat Room or on The Fruit Pig website.


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